David Tiseo

Academic Skills tutor

+44(0)1786 466991

David Tiseo

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Telephone +44(0)1786 466991


David has worked as an Academic Skills Tutor for Student Learning Services for two years. As well as this role within SLS, he also works within Accessibility & Inclusion as a Study Skills Tutor, Personal Learning Assistant, and Proof Reader. As a Study Skills Tutor he works one-to-one with students with learning difficulties and disabilities; having this experience of knowing how to personalise tutorials and communicate with students with a variety of needs has really helped in SLS. Likewise, as a Personal Learning Assistant, David gets to attend classes with students, getting the opportunity as a ‘fly on the wall’ to appreciate what the learning environment at the University of Stirling is for students in practise – an insight that has proven truly beneficial in his SLS work. David’s background is in creative writing, with a BA in Scriptwriting for Film & TV from Bournemouth University.