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Health Sciences and Sport

International Sports Scholarship Programme

Our International Sports Scholarship Programme is one of the largest high performance sports programmes in the UK.

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Sports scholarships (England, Wales, Northern Ireland or International)

These scholarships are part of the largest high performance sports programme in the UK, supporting more than 700 student athletes since its inception in 1981, sending athletes to Olympic, World and Commonwealth Games.

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Winning Students

Winning Students is Scotland's national sports scholarship programme supporting students competing in high performance sport.

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Nursing Scholarship (for students from England, Wales and Northern Ireland)

The Nursing Scholarship provides students from England, Wales and Northern Ireland with a £1,000 cash award per year on one of our undergraduate Nursing courses.

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Promoting self-management and developing resilience to protect and promote nurses’ physical and mental health and wellbeing

A study that aims to identify a self-management intervention that can support resilience as a mechanism of action for improving nurse’s health and wellbeing.

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Life after serving my country: Development, Implementation and Evaluation of a Psychosocial Intervention for Retired Athletes and Military Service People with Addictive Behaviours

The main goal of this project is to develop a novel psychosocial intervention that can contribute to enabling retired athletes and military service personnel to understand their social identities and available social support and to develop psychological/mental skills to apply to their transitions process without addiction to negative behaviours such as drugs, alcohol, and gambling.

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