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CfE post-OECD: Time for a simplified curriculum



Priestley M (2016) CfE post-OECD: Time for a simplified curriculum. Holyrood Magazine. 21.04.2016.

First paragraph: Is it time for a rethink of Curriculum for Excellence? A good question, and the answer is yes – up to a point. I concur here with the recent OECD review of the curriculum that, while agreeing with the general principles and direction of CfE, also suggested that implementation of the curriculum has been incomplete. The review pointed to a number of areas where continued progress is needed, including three key recommendations. First, it referred to creating a ‘new narrative for CfE’ – simplified guidance, and a more coherent pathway from policy to practice. Second, it called for a strengthening of ‘the middle’; bodies such as local authorities, which need to develop greater curriculum development capacity. Third, it called for greater engagement with the core principles of the curriculum by schools.


Publication date21/04/2016
Place of publicationEdinburgh

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Professor Mark Priestley

Professor Mark Priestley

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