Sport fans' roles in value co-creation



Kolyperas D, Maglaras G & Sparks L (2019) Sport fans' roles in value co-creation. European Sport Management Quarterly, 19 (2), pp. 201-220.

Research question The sports industry has witnessed sustained growth. The cultural, symbolic and stakeholder-embedded nature of sport provides a dynamic setting for developing service research. In this context, an evolution in the logic of value creation can be observed; fans are no longer passive receivers of value but, instead, can be active value co-creators. The sport fan exhibits distinctive characteristics and an ability and willingness to integrate resources and co-produce value propositions, which necessitates an understanding of fan value co-creation. We answer one key research question: what is the role of fans in value co-creation in sports? We do so by conceptually exploring the processes through which sport fans co-create and provide value propositions. Research methods We use case exemplars to provide a base for the theoretical consideration of the role of sport fans in value co-creation. We verify and consolidate the service-dominant logic (SDL) in the sport context. However, due to the high level of abstraction of the SDL as a general theory, we utilize consumer culture theory (CCT) as a middle range theory (MRT) to bridge the gap between contextual descriptions of the role of fans and the SDL. Results and findings Fans evaluate, redefine and reposition value propositions in different sport settings. The three roles of assimilators, adaptors and authenticators in value co-creation are identified through five case exemplars. We extend the theoretical understanding of the processes through which sport fans co-create value. Implications Knowledge of the distinctive characteristics of sport fans and their roles in value co-creation will assist managers in developing effective marketing propositions. Our theoretical contribution will generate new lines of research in the field.

Service-dominant logic; goods-dominant logic; consumer culture theory; fan value co-creation; sport

European Sport Management Quarterly: Volume 19, Issue 2

Publication date31/12/2019
Publication date online15/08/2018
Date accepted by journal18/07/2018
PublisherInforma UK Limited

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