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Identification of Schreibersite in the Meridiani Planum Meteorite


Fleischer I, Schröder C, Klingelhöfer G & Gellert R (2009) Identification of Schreibersite in the Meridiani Planum Meteorite. Meteoritics and Planetary Science, 44 (S7), pp. A70-A70, Art. No.: 5238.

Meridiani Planum is the only officially recognized meteorite on the surface of another planet, at the landing site of the Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity. Its maximum dimension is ~30cm. The surface of the rock is covered with pits interpreted as regmaglypts. A coating covers part of the surface. The Alpha-Particle-X-ray spectrometer (APXS) and the Mössbauer spectrometer were used to investigate the undisturbed and the brushed surface of the rock. Based on the Ni and Ge contents derived by APXS, Meridiani Planum was classified as a IAB complex iron meteorite . The brushed meteorite surface was reported to be enriched in P, S and Cl in comparison to Martian soil. Preferential melting of mineral inclusions such as schreibersite ((Fe,Ni)3P) and troilite (FeS) may explain formation of the regmaglypts and the elevated levels of P and S. Indeed, several so far unexplained small features in the Mössbauer spectra of Meridiani Planum suggest the presence of schreibersite.

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Meteoritics and Planetary Science: Volume 44, Issue S7

Publication date31/07/2009