Eco-labeling and retailer pricing strategies: The U.K. haddock market



Zhang D, Sogn-Grundvåg G, Asche F & Young JA (2018) Eco-labeling and retailer pricing strategies: The U.K. haddock market. Sustainability, 10 (5), Art. No.: 1522.

In attempts to differentiate their store imagery, grocery retailers frequently introduce new products, which are often rich in extrinsic attributes such as claims regarding healthiness and environmental sustainability. This paper explores retailers’ pricing strategies for product attributes of haddock in the United Kingdom. The results show that retailers’ pricing strategies vary, in particular for extrinsic product attributes such as eco-labels and country-of-origin. The high price premium generated from the most advocated eco-labels and an emphasis upon promotion strategies appear to play a role in the success of high-end retailers, and may have implications for any heightened competitive responses by larger retail chains in the future.

product differentiation; retail pricing; hedonic price model; sustainability; eco-labels; haddock

Sustainability: Volume 10, Issue 5

Publication date31/05/2018
Publication date online11/05/2018
Date accepted by journal08/05/2018

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Professor Jimmy Young

Professor Jimmy Young

Emeritus Professor, Marketing & Retail