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Children’s experiences of domestic violence: A teaching and training challenge



Callaghan JE, Fellin LC & Alexander JH (2017) Children’s experiences of domestic violence: A teaching and training challenge. In: Newnes C & Golding L (eds.) Teaching Critical Psychology International Perspectives. London: Routledge, pp. 219-237.

In this chapter we explore the complexities of training and teaching students and practitioners about children’s experiences of domestic violence. The research conducted on children’s experiences has tended to focus on these negative outcomes, representing these children as damaged and vulnerable (Callaghan and Alexander, 2015; Øverlien, 2013). Such research outlines that children have elevated lifelong risk of mental health difficulties (Bogat et al., 2006; Lamers-Winkelman et al., 2012; Stover, 2005); interpersonal difficulties (Baldry, 2003; Holmes, 2013; Renner and Slack, 2006); educational difficulties and educational drop out (Byrne and Taylor, 2007), and physical health problems (Bair-Merritt et al., 2006). Despite this research representation of children as vulnerable and damaged, services for children who experience domestic violence are often underdeveloped and underfunded (Statham, 2004; Willis et al., 2010), typically additional to adult domestic abuse services, for instance as part of the services offered in shelters.

domestic abuse; domestic violence; children; training

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Professor Jane Callaghan

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