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Citizen Archaeologists. Online Collaborative Research about the Human Past

Bevan A, Pett D, Bonacchi C, Keinan-Schoonbaert A, Lombrana Gonzalez D, Sparks R, Wexler J & Wikin N (2014) Citizen Archaeologists. Online Collaborative Research about the Human Past. Human Computation, 1 (2), pp. 185-199.

Archaeology has a long tradition of volunteer involvement but also faces considerable challenges in protecting and understanding a geographically widespread, rapidly dwindling and ever threatened cultural resource. This paper considers a newly launched, multi-application crowdsourcing project called MicroPasts that enables both community-led and massive online contributions to high quality research in archaeology, history and heritage. We reflect on preliminary results from this initiative with a focus on the technical challenges, quality control issues and contributors motivations.

crowdsourcing; digital

Human Computation: Volume 1, Issue 2

Author(s)Bevan, Andrew; Pett, Daniel; Bonacchi, Chiara; Keinan-Schoonbaert, Adi; Lombrana Gonzalez, Daniel; Sparks, Rachael; Wexler, Jennifer; Wikin, Neil
FundersArts and Humanities Research Council
Publication date31/12/2014

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