Social marketing and problem gambling: A critical perspective


Moodie C & Hastings G (2009) Social marketing and problem gambling: A critical perspective. Addiction, 104 (5), pp. 692-693.;

The paper provides a timely reminder of the role of policy levers, harm-minimisation and health promotion in addressing important public health issues such as gambling, and a stark warning that gambling-related harm remains a much neglected concern. It also describes three interrelated factors marking out today’s gambling problems from those of the past: - extensive distribution channels have greatly increased accessibility; - technological innovation is out-stripping control efforts; - it has become an international phenomenon. In short, gambling is part of a growing global industry driven by powerful multinational corporations. These efforts are built on marketing. The authors briefly allude to marketing, as part of the solution, but we instead focus on its role as part of the problem. In the process we reinforce their argument that the public health response to gambling can learn much from tobacco control.

Gambling related-harm; Social marketing; Tobacco; Social marketing; Gambling Psychological aspects; Compulsive gambling

Addiction: Volume 104, Issue 5

Publication date31/05/2009
PublisherWiley-Blackwell / Society for the Study of Addiction
Publisher URL…2309357/abstract