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Tobacco harm reduction: the devil is in the deployment

Hastings G, De Andrade M & Moodie C (2012) Tobacco harm reduction: the devil is in the deployment. BMJ, 345 (7889).

First paragraph: The idea of tobacco harm reduction -- that smokers who cannot wean themselves off nicotine should be encouraged to adopt less harmful ways of consuming it -- has much to recommend it. It avoids the trap of making the excellent (complete cessation) the enemy of the good (reduced harm) and provides a way forward where otherwise there is only a cruel impasse. It also provides a clear focus on disease and premature death -- rather than tobacco addiction or corporate power -- and this enemy, like so many medical problems before it, will be defeated with rigorous evidence, effective medicines, and skilled treatment.

; Smoking Prevention and control; Health education; Smoking cessation; Tobacco habit Treatment

BMJ: Volume 345, Issue 7889

Author(s)Hastings, Gerard; De Andrade, Marisa; Moodie, Crawford
Publication date17/12/2012
PublisherBMJ Publishing Group
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