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Brexit and Environmental Protection in Scotland: The Road Ahead



Savaresi A (2018) Brexit and Environmental Protection in Scotland: The Road Ahead. European Futures, 07.03.2018.

First paragraph: Brexit’s implications for environmental law and enforcement in the UK are symptomatic of the challenges associated with breaking away from the EU’s regulatory and governance arrangements. While nobody is seriously suggesting that after Brexit the UK will become a lawless land, incapable of upholding the rule of law on environmental matters, the loss of the EU’s well-established and comparatively stable regulatory, enforcement and governance frameworks requires that these be somehow replaced, within a relatively short timeframe. The same applies to EU funding and cooperation programmes, like farm payments, that, for good or ill, presently provide the lifeblood of UK and Scottish support, conservation and research initiatives.

Publication date07/03/2018
PublisherUniversity of Edinburgh
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