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Future ageing populations and policy



Phillips J & McGee S (2018) Future ageing populations and policy. In: Curl A & Musselwhite C (eds.) Geographies of Transport and Ageing. London: Palgrave Macmillan, pp. 227-250.;

First paragraph: Designing and implementing policy in relation to transport and mobility is both a challenge, given the increasing diversity of the ageing population in the context of rapid urbanisation, and an opportunity for creative and innovative solutions to emerge. Transport is often neglected in ageing discourse yet is a vital component in the ecosystem of policy on ageing. Despite an increasing emphasis on environmental aspects of ageing, including mobility and accessibility (Musselwhite and Haddad 2010; Rantanen 2013), and the importance of place and identity (Peace et al. 2006), transport itself is marginalised. Yet future generations will expect that as they age innovative solutions will be in place to support their needs for continued mobility and travel. Similarly, policies related to ageing all have a transport element to them to be considered whether it is housing, family or climate change policy. Consequently, it is vital that all policy related to ageing considers the transport needs and requirements of an ageing population. This chapter looks at the broader policy challenges and opportunities going forward in designing transport for future ageing populations. We look at how future changes in policy and strategic direction could affect older people’s transport and mobility needs. We argue that policy in relation to housing, social care, health, and transport need to be joined up, while policies on climate change, etc., which impact on transport and mobility, need to be age proofed.

Transport and ageing policy; Policy directions; Transport and mobility solutions

Publication date19/05/2018
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