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Assessing Smoking Cessation Messages with a Discrete Choice Experiment

Thrasher JF, Anshari D, Lambert-Jessup V, Islam F, Mead E, Popova L, Salloum RG, Moodie C, Louviere J & Lindblom EN (2018) Assessing Smoking Cessation Messages with a Discrete Choice Experiment. Tobacco Regulatory Science, 4 (2), pp. 73-87.

Objectives: Our aim was to identify message characteristics for cigarette pack inserts that aim to help smokers quit.  Methods: US adult smokers from an online consumer panel (N = 665) participated in a discrete choice experiment with a 2x2x2x2x4 within-subjects balanced incomplete block design, manipulating: image (vs no image), text type (testimonial vs informational), cessation resource information (vs none), call to action (vs none), and message topic (well-being, financial benefit, cravings, social support). Participants evaluated 9 choice sets, each with 4 inserts, selecting: (1) the most and least helpful for quitting; and (2) the most and least motivating to quit. Linear models regressed choices on insert characteristics, controlling for sociodemographics and smoking-related variables. We assessed interactions between insert characteristics and smoker attributes (ie, education, quit intention, self-efficacy).  Results: Inserts were most helpful and motivating when they included an image, provided cessation resource information, or referenced well-being and financial benefits. Significant interactions indicated that inserts with cessation resource information were relatively more helpful and motivating among smokers with low self-efficacy, an intention to quit, or lower education.  Conclusion: Cigarette pack inserts with imagery and cessation resource information may be particularly effective in promoting smoking cessation.

health communication; health policy; smoking cessation; tobacco control

Tobacco Regulatory Science: Volume 4, Issue 2

Author(s)Thrasher, James F; Anshari, Dien; Lambert-Jessup, Victoria; Islam, Farahnaz; Mead, Erin; Popova, Lucy; Salloum, Ramzi G; Moodie, Crawford; Louviere, Jordan; Lindblom, Eric N
Publication date31/03/2018
Publication date online01/03/2018
Date accepted by journal01/03/2018
PublisherTobacco Regulatory Science Group
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