Learning on the line: Voices of garment workers at Great Western Garment



Fenwick T (2007) Learning on the line: Voices of garment workers at Great Western Garment. Labour/Le Travail, 59, pp. 215-240.

Abstract: This presentation focuses upon a dramatic script created from a study of garment workers employed long-term at the Alberta-based garment manufacturing plant GWG/Levi. The study explored work-life and learning at work as narrated by these workers, many of whom had lived through plant changes over a period of 15 to 35 years. The workers’ recollections reveal powerful stories of resilience and individual ingenuity developed amidst numbing work conditions, as well as spaces of social learning that for some, appeared to nurture strength and self-worth. The drama, which was performed for academic and practitioner audiences, is reproduced here in full. The following pages provide background for the drama: the perspectives informing the project and its analysis, the study methods, the interpretations and themes from which the drama was conceived, and the process of constructing the drama.

workplace learning; garment work; ethnodrama; Sewing; Drama Social aspects

Labour/Le Travail: Volume 59

Publication date31/12/2007
PublisherAthabasca University Press/Canadian Committee on Labour History
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Professor Tara Fenwick

Professor Tara Fenwick

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