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Young children engaging with technologies at home: the influence of family context

Stephen C, Stevenson O & Adey C (2013) Young children engaging with technologies at home: the influence of family context. Journal of Early Childhood Research, 11 (2), pp. 149-164.;

This paper is about with the ways in which young children engage with technological toys and resources at home and, in particular, the ways in which the family context makes a difference to young children’s engagement with these technologies. The data reviewed come from family interviews and parent-recorded video of four case study children as they used specific resources: a screen-based games console designed for family use, a technology-mediated reading scheme, a child’s games console and two technological ‘pets’. We found the same repertoire of direct pedagogical actions across the families when they supported their children’s use of the resources, yet the evidence makes it clear that the child’s experience was different in each home. The paper goes on to present evidence that four dimensions of family context made a difference to children’s engagement with technological toys and resources at home. We argue that understanding children’s experiences with technologies at home necessitates finding out about the distinct family contexts in which they engage with the resources.

technological toys and resources; children's preference; preschool children; family context; home; parents; Computers and children; Technology and children; Education, Preschool

Journal of Early Childhood Research: Volume 11, Issue 2

Author(s)Stephen, Christine; Stevenson, Olivia; Adey, Claire
FundersEconomic and Social Research Council
Publication date30/06/2013
Publication date online25/01/2013
Publisher URL
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