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Crimes, Regulatory Offences and Criminal Trials



Duff RA (2007) Crimes, Regulatory Offences and Criminal Trials. In: Müller-Dietz H, Müller E, Kunz K, Radtke H, Britz G, Momsen C & Koriath H (eds.) Festschrift für Heike Jung: zum 65. Geburtstag am 23. April 2007. Baden-Baden, Germany: Nomos, pp. 87-98.

First paragraph: The awesome range of Heike Jung’s work—over different aspects of criminal law, different jurisdictions and traditions, different disciplines and languages—makes life both easier and harder for contributors to his Festschrift: easier, because one can choose almost any criminal law topic and be confident that it will connect to his work; harder (for those with the British vices of monolingualism and intellectual parochialism), since one’s paper will display the linguistic, jurisdictional or intellectual limitations that Heike Jung’s work so impressively transcends. In an attempt to overcome some of those limitations, I will discuss a topic that concerns criminal trials and the scope of the criminal law, through the distinction between crimes (Straftaten) and ‘regulatory offences’ (Ordnungswidrigkeiten) which is more often formally drawn in Germany and other continental European systems than in English law.

; Criminal law England; Criminal law Europe; Trials England; Trials Europe; Jung, Heike Criticism and interpretation

Publication date31/12/2007
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Place of publicationBaden-Baden, Germany

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Professor Antony Duff

Professor Antony Duff

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