International Retail Divestment: review, case studies and (E)merging Agenda



Burt S, Dawson J & Sparks L (2008) International Retail Divestment: review, case studies and (E)merging Agenda. European Retail Research, 22, pp. 29-49.

Organisational learning, knowledge transfer and knowledge sharing are core components of the retail internationalisation process. However, organisational learning is not solely derived from examples of success – we also learn from failure. Divestment is an intrinsic feature of retail internationalisation, and has recently become a focus for academic research. This paper considers the growing body of academic work on international retail divestment at both the country and firm level, and assesses how we have examined this activity through the construction of incident based datasets and in-depth case studies of individual company experiences. This review concludes that further research is needed to provide a deeper understanding of this element of the internationalisation process and suggests a potential agenda for future research.

Internationalisation; Divestment; Retailing; Research Agenda

European Retail Research: Volume 22

Publication date31/12/2008
PublisherGabler | GWV Fachverlage GmbH
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