Heard but Not Seen: A Teenage Centric Approach to Music Consumption Research



Nuttall P & Tinson J (2008) Heard but Not Seen: A Teenage Centric Approach to Music Consumption Research. Advances in Consumer Research, 35, pp. 401-408.

There are significant problems with published work on youth and music which principally involve methodological approach and data collection. This paper seeks to explore and develop the concept of teenagers designing their own questions, collecting their own data and interpreting their findings to contribute to an understanding of adolescent music consumption. Findings indicate that using a teenage centric approach generates insight into actual behaviour of respondents thus reducing social desirability issues and that the teenage interviewers were able to distinguish differing responses from friends and members of their friendship group.

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Advances in Consumer Research: Volume 35

Publication date31/01/2008
PublisherAssociation for Consumer Research

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Professor Julie Tinson

Professor Julie Tinson

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