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Keeping it in the Family: How Teenagers Use Music to Bond, Build Bridges and Seek Autonomy



Nuttall P & Tinson J (2008) Keeping it in the Family: How Teenagers Use Music to Bond, Build Bridges and Seek Autonomy. In: Lee A & Soman D (eds.) NA - Advances in Consumer Research. Advances in Consumer Research, 35. Duluth, MN: Association for Consumer Research, pp. 450-456.

This paper seeks to explore teenage use and consumption of music within families and to develop the concepts of 'connection' and autonomy seeking within families relative to popular music consumption. Social trends indicate that the composition of the family will continue to change and, as such, this research will also examine the impact of changing family structures on music use and consumption. This research involved 24 in-depth interviews with both early and late adolescents. The findings from this research sample suggest connection (bonding and building bridges) through music is most relevant for teenagers raised in step parent families. Evidence of affinity or autonomy seeking behaviour may also be ascribed to family type.

3; ABSTRACTS; ACCURACY; Adolescents; AFFILIATION; association; Autonomy; Behaviour; Bridges; composition; concept; Concepts; conference; CONFERENCE proceedings; CONFIDENCE; CONSUMER confidence; Consumerism; CONSUMPTION; CONSUMPTION (Economics); Copyright; Economic; ECONOMIC trends; ECONOMICS; email; ENGLAND; evidence; families; FAMILY; IMPACT; Interview; Interviews; MUSIC; MUSIC & teenagers; NUMBER; PARENT; POPULAR music; properties; Research; SAMPLE; SITES; Stirling; Structure; SUPPLY & demand; TEENAGERS; trends; UK; universities

Title of seriesAdvances in Consumer Research
Number in series35
Publication date31/01/2008
PublisherAssociation for Consumer Research
Publisher URL
Place of publicationDuluth, MN
ISSN of series0098-9258

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Professor Julie Tinson

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