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Towards evidence-based marketing: The case of childhood obesity

Stead M, McDermott L & Hastings G (2007) Towards evidence-based marketing: The case of childhood obesity. Marketing Theory, 7 (4), pp. 379-406.

Contentious commodities such as tobacco, alcohol and fatty foods are bringing marketing under scrutiny from consumers and policymakers. Yet there is little agreement on whether marketing is harmful to society. Systematic review (SR), a methodology derived from clinical medicine, offers marketers a tool for providing resolution and allowing policymakers to proceed with greater confidence. This article describes how SR methods were applied for the first time to a marketing problem -- the effects of food promotion to children. The review withstood scrutiny and its findings were formally ratified by government bodies and policymakers, demonstrating that SR methods can transfer from clinical research to marketing.

children; food promotion; policymaking; systematic review

Marketing Theory: Volume 7, Issue 4

Author(s)Stead, Martine; McDermott, Laura; Hastings, Gerard
Publication date31/12/2007
PublisherSage Publications
Place of publicationUS
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