Retail internationalisation: From formats to implants


Burt S, Davies K, McAuley A & Sparks L (2005) Retail internationalisation: From formats to implants. European Management Journal, 23 (2), pp. 195-202.

Retail internationalisation has been studied from a variety of perspectives. The overwhelming focus has been on the market entry and subsequent development of store operations in nondomestic markets. Recently, the implied uninterrupted progression of retail internationalisation strategies has been questioned. It is now widely recognised that for the majority of companies, retail internationalisation is a disjointed process often resulting in retrenchment and the reevaluation of activities. In this paper, we focus on the international experiences of Boots, a well established British retailer, whose international retail strategy has evolved from a traditional store format based approach to one now based upon the internationalisation of a private brand product range. Lessons are drawn for management in other retailers.

Retailing; Internationalisation; Formats; Brands; Implants; Strategy

European Management Journal: Volume 23, Issue 2

Publication date30/04/2005