School-based curriculum development in Scotland: Curriculum policy and enactment


Priestley M, Minty S & Eager M (2014) School-based curriculum development in Scotland: Curriculum policy and enactment. Pedagogy, Culture and Society, 22 (2), pp. 189-211.

Recent worldwide trends in curriculum policy have re-emphasised the role of teachers in school-based curriculum development. Scotland’s Curriculum for Excellence is typical of these trends, stressing that teachers are agents of change. This paper draws upon empirical data to explore school-based curriculum development in response to Curriculum for Excellence. We focus on two case studies – secondary schools within a single Scottish local education authority. In the paper we argue that the nature and extent of innovation in schools is dependent upon teachers being able to make sense of often complex and confusing curriculum policy, including the articulation of a clear vision about what such policy means for education within each school.

Curriculum; teachers; schools; curriculum development; innovation

Pedagogy, Culture and Society: Volume 22, Issue 2

Publication date31/12/2014
Publication date online01/08/2013
Date accepted by journal19/12/2012
PublisherTaylor and Francis