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Changing attitudes, knowledge and behaviour: A review of successful initiatives



Stead M, Gordon R, Holmes I, Moodie C, Hastings G & Angus K (2009) Changing attitudes, knowledge and behaviour: A review of successful initiatives. Joseph Rowntree Foundation. York: Joseph Rowntree Foundation.

There is a clear need to change attitudes, knowledge and behaviour relating to alcohol in the UK. This report presents seven case studies, each telling the story of an initiative designed to bring about attitudinal, behavioural or policy change, for example sustainable transport use or youth smoking prevention. This novel approach provides a unique insight into how the application of new thinking may help to reduce harmful drinking patterns. The report includes: - Details of approaches or initiatives that have attempted to change attitudes and behaviours in non-alcohol areas. - Examination of the aims, theoretical rationale, methods, targeting, processes and effectiveness of each approach or initiative. - Transferable lessons from the case studies for new approaches to tackling alcohol harms in the UK.

Publication date31/05/2009
PublisherJoseph Rowntree Foundation
Publisher URL…haviour-full.pdf
Place of publicationYork

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Ms Kathryn Angus
Ms Kathryn Angus

Research Officer, Institute for Social Marketing

Professor Gerard Hastings
Professor Gerard Hastings

Emeritus Professor, Institute for Social Marketing

Dr Crawford Moodie
Dr Crawford Moodie

Senior Research Fellow, Institute for Social Marketing

Ms Martine Stead
Ms Martine Stead

Deputy Director of ISM, Institute for Social Marketing

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