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Kader Asmal: Politics in My Blood - A Memoir



Asmal K & Hadland A (2011) Kader Asmal: Politics in My Blood - A Memoir. Auckland Park South Africa: Jacana.

Kader Asmal was one of the most respected senior statesmen in South Africa. He lived a rich and varied life, in all the twists and turns of which he has displayed boundless energy, a sharp mind and deep commitment to human rights and democratic values. Kader Asmal, lawyer and teacher, South African Cabinet minister, and the driving force behind the Irish Anti-Apartheid Movement, has been called many things - ‘small, bustling, curious, courageous, indefatigable' (Irish Times) and ‘dapper, combative, witty, cantankerous, sarcastic, urbane, precisely spoken' (Sunday Times). The son of a small-town shopkeeper from Natal, his life took him as far as exile in the UK, on to a senior position at Trinity College Dublin, and back to a free South Africa, governed by an exemplary Constitution, which he helped devise. These memoirs are not only Asmal's personal journey. They are also the story of South Africa's transition from apartheid to freedom and democracy, in which he played a significant role, as a member of the ANC's Constitutional Committee and negotiating team and later as an MP and Cabinet minister under Nelson Mandela and Thabo Mbeki. They provide testimony, too, to Asmal's lifelong dedication to freedom, equality and justice - ideals enshrined in the country's Bill of Rights, which he played a major part in writing.

Publication date31/12/2011
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Place of publicationAuckland Park South Africa

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Professor Adrian Hadland

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