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The marketing of e-cigarettes: a UK snapshot


De Andrade M & Hastings G (2013) The marketing of e-cigarettes: a UK snapshot. Tobacco Control Blog, 06.04.2013.

Editor's note: The United Kingdom's health regulator, the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), is currently considering how to regulate ecigarettes. Given that marketing of these e-cigarettes is of particular concern, Marisa de Andrade and Gerard Hastings were commissioned by Cancer Research UK to conduct a rapid review of current practices and emerging trends. Here they provide highlights from the review.

e-cigarettes; Legislation and Policy; Marketing/Advertising; Tobacco Industry

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FundersCancer Research UK
Publication date06/04/2013
Publication date online06/04/2013
PublisherBMJ Group Blogs
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