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Research Report

The Fife Drug Court in Action: The First Six Months

Malloch M, Eley S, McIvor G, Beaton K & Yates R (2003) The Fife Drug Court in Action: The First Six Months. Scottish Executive. Scottish Executive Social Research.

First paragraph: Drug Courts were initially established in the USA in the late 1980s by sentencers who were frustrated at the limited range and effectiveness of existing measures for dealing with those whose offending was related to the misuse of drugs. Drug Courts aim to reduce drug misuse and associated offending by offering treatment based options outwith the traditional court setting. Drug Courts are now also operational in a range of other jurisdictions, including Australia, Canada and Ireland.

Author(s)Malloch, Margaret; Eley, Susan; McIvor, Gill; Beaton, Kathlene; Yates, Rowdy
Publication date31/08/2003
PublisherScottish Executive Social Research
Publisher URL
ISBN0 7559 3559 4
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