Creating, documenting and sharing network models


Crook SM, Bednar JA, Berger S, Cannon R, Davison AP, Djurfeldt M, Eppler J, Kriener B, Furber S, Graham B, Plesser HE, Schwabe L, Smith L, Steuber V & van Albada S (2012) Creating, documenting and sharing network models. Network: Computation in Neural Systems, 23 (4), pp. 131-149.;

As computational neuroscience matures, many simulation environments are available that are useful for neuronal network modeling. However, methods for successfully documenting models for publication and for exchanging models and model components among these projects are still under development. Here we briefly review existing software and applications for network model creation, documentation and exchange. Then we discuss a few of the larger issues facing the field of computational neuroscience regarding network modeling and suggest solutions to some of these problems, concentrating in particular on standardized network model terminology, notation, and descriptions and explicit documentation of model scaling. We hope this will enable and encourage computational neuroscientists to share their models more systematically in the future.Read More:

Network models; spiking neurons; model sharing

Network: Computation in Neural Systems: Volume 23, Issue 4

Publication date31/12/2012
Publication date online20/09/2012
Date accepted by journal16/08/2012
PublisherInforma Healthcare
Publisher URL…898X.2012.722743