Exploration of Victoria Crater by the Mars Rover Opportunity


Squyres SW, Knoll AH, Arvidson RE, Ashley JW, Bell III JF, Calvin WM, Christensen PR, Clark BC, Cohen BA, de Souza Jr PA, Edgar LA, Farrand WH, Fleischer I, Gellert R & Schröder C (2009) Exploration of Victoria Crater by the Mars Rover Opportunity. Science, 324 (5930), pp. 1058-1061.

The Mars rover Opportunity has explored Victoria crater, a ~750-meter eroded impact crater formed in sulfate-rich sedimentary rocks. Impact-related stratigraphy is preserved in the crater walls, and meteoritic debris is present near the crater rim. The size of hematite-rich concretions decreases up-section, documenting variation in the intensity of groundwater processes. Layering in the crater walls preserves evidence of ancient wind-blown dunes. Compositional variations with depth mimic those ~6 kilometers to the north and demonstrate that water-induced alteration at Meridiani Planum was regional in scope.

Additional co-authors: MP Golombek, J Grant, J Grotzinger, A Hayes, KE Herkenhoff, JR Johnson, B Jolliff, G Klingelhöfer, A Knudson, R Li, TJ McCoy, SM McLennan, DW Ming, DW Mittlefehldt, RV Morris, JW Rice Jr, RJ Sullivan, A Yen, RA Yingst

Science: Volume 324, Issue 5930

Publication date22/05/2009
PublisherAmerican Association for the Advancement of Science