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Growing the wealth of aquaculture



Muir J, Little DC, Young J & Bostock J (2010) Growing the wealth of aquaculture. In: Advancing the aquaculture agenda: Workshop proceedings. Advancing the Aquaculture Agenda: Policies to Ensure a Sustainable Aquaculture Sector, Paris, 15.04.2010-16.04.2010. Paris, France: OECD Publishing, pp. 39-107.

Aquaculture, the farming of aquatic organisms, has grown markedly in recent decades, with an ever-widening production base. In 2007, for the first time, it supplied more than 50% of aquatic products used for direct food consumption. With growing demand, it is expected to expand further and in many markets, it will increasingly dominate the supply of aquatic foods. However, prospects and opportunities for growth have been by no means certain, and the industry has at times suffered reverses. Major losses from disease have caused catastrophic failures and loss of investment confidence, and there are continuing concerns about environmental impacts. Expectations of profitability linked with technical opportunities have caused some sectors to expand very rapidly without corresponding market capacity, and falling prices have resulted in business failures and major restructuring. To understand more realistically the nature and potential characteristics of the sector's development a range of issues need to be considered. This reveiw explores the features of the sector's recent growth, its emerging opportunities and constraints, across major producing regions, species groups and production systems. It considers key issues including: drivers of growth: demand, technology (production, breeding, feed disease etc.); resources: land, water, feed; risks and their management; trade and its development, and governance. It addresses their implications, and offers recommendations at strategic investment and policy levels.

aquaculture; OECD; economics; development; aquatic food; fish farming; sector; strategy;

Publication date13/09/2010
Publication date online31/12/2010
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ConferenceAdvancing the Aquaculture Agenda: Policies to Ensure a Sustainable Aquaculture Sector
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Professor Dave Little

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