Notes on the distribution and status of small carnivores in Gabon


Bahaa-el-din L, Henschel P, Aba'a R, Abernethy K, Bohm T, Bout N, Coad LM, Head J, Inoue E, Lahm SA, Lee M, Maisels F, Rabanal L, Starkey M, Taylor G, Vanthomme H, Nakashima Y & Hunter LTB (2013) Notes on the distribution and status of small carnivores in Gabon. Small Carnivore Conservation, 48, pp. 19-29.

The distribution and status of small carnivore species in Gabon have never been comprehensively assessed. We collated data from general wildlife surveys, camera-trap and transect studies and analyses of bushmeat consumption and trade, to map their country-wide occurrence and assess current exploitation levels. Records of Common Slender Mongoose Herpestes sanguineus and Cameroon Cusimanse Crossarchus platycephalus represent the first confirmation of their occurrence in Gabon. Cameroon Cusimanse was believed to extend into north-east Gabon, but the Slender Mongoose records extend its known range well outside that previously suspected. We furthermore extended the known range for Egyptian Mongoose Herpestes ichneumon. Crested Genet Genetta cristata has also been proposed to occur in Gabon but our records were not suited to evaluating this possibility given the difficulties of separation from Servaline Genet G. servalina. Most species appear to be distributed widely across the country. While several are commonly recorded in hunter catch and bushmeat markets, they form only a small proportion (3.4% and 3.1%, respectively) of all bushmeat records. However, in proximity to settlements, small carnivore exploitation, for bushmeat and use of body parts in traditional ceremonies, appears to have adverse effects on species richness and abundance.

bushmeat; camera-trap; Crossarchus platycephalus; distribution; Herpestes ichneumon; Herpestes sanguineus

Small Carnivore Conservation: Volume 48

Publication date31/07/2013
PublisherIUCN/SSC Small Carnivore Specialist Group (SCSG)
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