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So It Is



Bell LM (2012) So It Is. Brighton: Myriad Editions.

Aoife, a young girl growing up in 1980s Belfast, finds herself the last line of defence between the violence and her family. While her mother sinks deeper into a medicated stupor, and her father leaves the family for the comforts of the local bars, Aoife cares for her brother Damien, trying to keep him out of harm's way, while all around her friends and neighbours are swept up in the conflict. Meanwhile Cassie, a Republican paramilitary and honeytrap, lures and seduces her victims, inflicting lasting damage. But her infamous tactics have their repercussions, and before long her past catches up with her.

Publication date30/06/2012
PublisherMyriad Editions
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Place of publicationBrighton

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Dr Liam Bell

Dr Liam Bell

Senior Lecturer, English Studies