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The status of apes across Africa and Asia



Funwi-Gabga N, Kuehl H, Maisels F, Cheyne SM, Wich SA & Williamson EA (2014) The status of apes across Africa and Asia. In: State of the Apes 2013: Extractive Industries and Ape Conservation. Book authored by the Arcus Foundation, State of the Apes series. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, p. 252–277.

First paragraph: This chapter provides information on the conservation and welfare of great apes and gibbons. It focuses on the distribution and environmental conditions in which apes live in both Africa and Asia. The information presented is drawn from various sources, especially from the A.P.E.S. Portal (http://, and can be used by decision-makers and stakeholders to contribute to the development of informed policies and effective planning. Although reference is made to particular great ape and gibbon taxa in some parts of the report, discussions are tailored to address issues about apes in general (not necessarily species specific). Because data quality and availability are not uniform across all ape taxa, regions, or even countries, we refer to specific cases for which data are available and reliable. The current chapter has not yet been expanded to fully include the gibbons and, as such, data mining for this family is still limited; however, additional data collection will occur in between this and the subsequent edition of State of the Apes to ensure that gibbons are well represented in future.

Title of seriesBook authored by the Arcus Foundation, State of the Apes series
Publication date31/03/2014
PublisherCambridge University Press
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Dr Fiona Maisels

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