Research Report

Deliverable D2.1: The Social Perspective



Webster CWR, Leleux C, Sterbik-Lamina J, Cas J, Peissl W, Fischer D, Bonss W, De Hert P, Galdon Clavell G, Galetta A, Fonio C, Jones R, Szekely I & Vissy B (2013) Deliverable D2.1: The Social Perspective. IRISS Work Package 2, 2.1. IRISS - Increasing Resilience in Surveillance Societies.

A report presenting a review of the key features raised by the social perspectives of surveillance and democracy

Title of seriesIRISS Work Package 2
Number in series2.1
Publication date31/01/2013
PublisherIRISS - Increasing Resilience in Surveillance Societies
Publisher URL…t-D2.1-IRISS.pdf

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Professor William Webster

Professor William Webster

Personal Chair, Management, Work and Organisation