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Strategy for Identifying Relevant Experts in the Field



Leleux C & Webster CWR (2013) Strategy for Identifying Relevant Experts in the Field. ASSERT Deliverable, D2.1. ASSERT.

ASSERT Deliverable D2.1 outlines the strategy for identifying experts in the field of security research and in particular those with expertise in assessing the societal impacts of security research, policy and practice. This body of expertise includes, but is not limited to: - policy-makers, practitioners and service providers at the local, national and EU level, - relevant stakeholders and actors in the security industry, in Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) and in civil society, - researchers and academics with an interest in societal security, - experts involved in the governance, design and evaluation of EU security research, and - end-users of the results of security research and policy.

Title of seriesASSERT Deliverable
Number in seriesD2.1
Publication date31/08/2013
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Professor William Webster

Professor William Webster

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