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On the Acquisition of Object Concepts from Sensory Data



Phillips W, Hancock PJB, Wilson NJ & Smith L (1989) On the Acquisition of Object Concepts from Sensory Data. In: Eckmiller I & von der Malsburg C (eds.) Neural Computers. Springer Study Edition, 41. Berlin Heidelberg: Springer, pp. 159-168.

We review psychological evidence that shows properties distinguishing object descriptions and sensory feature maps. We then outline a neurocomputational approach to the computation of object features from the sensory data and for learning these descriptions. We concentrate on acquiring object concepts that generalise across position on the sensory surface.

Title of seriesSpringer Study Edition
Number in series41
Publication date31/12/1989
Publisher URL…3-642-83740-1_18
Place of publicationBerlin Heidelberg

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Professor Peter Hancock
Professor Peter Hancock

Professor, Psychology

Professor Bill Phillips
Professor Bill Phillips

Emeritus Professor, Psychology

Professor Leslie Smith
Professor Leslie Smith

Emeritus Professor, Computing Science