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Transformations in social space: Iron Age Orkney and Caithness

Foster S (1989) Transformations in social space: Iron Age Orkney and Caithness. Scottish Archaeological Review, 6, pp. 34-55.

Examines architecture in its relationship to society in these two areas, from EIA to the arrival of the Norse in 8th/9th centuries AD. Structural developments over this period (in four main phases) are examined, social interpretations proposed, and access analysis applied to investigate how the use of space structured and reproduced these changing social relations. Courtyard houses, round houses, brochs, and promontory forts are included in the analysis.

Scottish Archaeological Review: Volume 6

Author(s)Foster, Sally
Publication date31/12/1989
PublisherScottish Archaeological Review
ISSN0262- 3489
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