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The packaging of tobacco products



Ford A (2012) The packaging of tobacco products. Cancer Research UK. The Centre for Tobacco Control Research.

This report considers packaging from a wider marketing perspective, and how it is perceived and used by the tobacco industry. In addition, new research from the UK exploring young people's perceptions of both branded and plain packaging is presented. The report provides: 1. A summary of the marketing function of packaging for consumer goods, including tobacco products 2. A review of research exploring tobacco industry documents in respect to tobacco packaging 3. A summary of developments in tobacco packaging in the retail press from 2009 to 2011 4. Focus group research exploring young people's perceptions of packaging for consumer products, including tobacco packaging and also plain packaging

Publication date31/03/2012
PublisherThe Centre for Tobacco Control Research
Publisher URL…nt/cr_086687.pdf

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Dr Allison Ford

Dr Allison Ford

Associate Professor, Institute for Social Marketing