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The capitalist labour process: concepts and connections

Thompson P (2010) The capitalist labour process: concepts and connections. Capital and Class, 34 (1), pp. 7-14.

The Conference of Socialist Economists (CSE) and Capital & Class were central in creating the conditions for a labour process debate. However, while the journal has continued to publish some articles on labour process issues, the debate has become associated primarily with the annual International Labour Process Conference. This article explores shifts in the nature and focus of debates, emphasizing continuity between the traditions as well as change. By contrasting early attempts in the journal to uncover ‘immanent laws' of the capitalist labour process to more recent writings on core theory, contemporary trends in labour power and capitalist political economy are outlined and evaluated.

labour process theory; political economy; labour power

Capital and Class: Volume 34, Issue 1

Author(s)Thompson, Paul
Publication date28/02/2010
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