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The consumers' views of genetic counseling of hemophilia

Markova I, Forbes CD & Inwood MJ (1984) The consumers' views of genetic counseling of hemophilia. American Journal of Medical Genetics, 17 (4), pp. 741-752.

Twenty-five Scottish and 22 Canadian patients with hemophilia, and 15 Scottish and 14 Canadian carriers of hemophilia participated in the study. They were interviewed with respect to their experience of and attitudes to genetic counseling, perceptions of the counselor's role, and satisfaction with existing care for families with hemophilia. Most patients and carriers favor genetic counseling as part of general counseling offered to them by the hemophilia center and think that such counseling should include dealing with such issues as schooling, employment, emotions, and psychological problems. Prenatal testing and termination of pregnancy is at present unacceptable to most of the participants, although they do not object to the use of these methods in cases of illnesses more severe than hemophilia.

hemophilia;carrier;prenatal testing;termination of pregnancy;genetic counseling

American Journal of Medical Genetics: Volume 17, Issue 4

Author(s)Markova, Ivana; Forbes, Charles D; Inwood, Martin J
Publication date30/04/1984
Publication date online03/06/2005
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