Subjective Cognitive Decline (Preface)


Tales A, Jessen F, Butler C, Wilcock GK, Phillips J & Bayer A (2015) Subjective Cognitive Decline (Preface). Journal of Alzheimer's Disease, 48 (S1), pp. S1-S3.

First paragraph: Perceived decline in cognition in the absence of what is commonly termed ‘objective evidence’ is frequently referred to as subjective cognitive decline (SCD). While etiologically heterogeneous and therefore potentially responsive to intervention in some cases, SCD remains primarily associated with an increased risk of developing dementia. It is becoming clear however that, irrespective of cause, SCD can have a detrimental effect upon quality of life. Although there is increasing interest in SCD within both research and clinical arenas, it remains a topic that provokes substantial debate particularly with regard to its definition, diagnosis, and management.

Journal of Alzheimer's Disease: Volume 48, Issue S1

Publication date24/09/2015
Publication date online24/09/2015
PublisherIOS Press