Positioning theory and practice question(s) within the field of management learning



Perriton L & Hodgson V (2013) Positioning theory and practice question(s) within the field of management learning. Management Learning, 44 (2), pp. 144-160.

In this paper we argue that management learning, as a field of study, has different choices to make than mainstream management research in its conceptualization and treatment of theory/practice. We believe that management learning as a field of practice – and as a journal – has both the opportunity, and a special responsibility, to consider theory and practice in ways that do not reduce the debate to disembodied actors and their assumed different occupational needs. Recent theoretical shifts in management learning have emphasized the relational, site and context specific conception of knowledge and practice and engaged with individuals (whatever their role) in exploring how they come to experience and develop new ways of being and acting in the world. We argue that management learning, when it looks at its existing practice through the epistemic practice perspective, will appreciate the contribution it is already making to advancing theory/practice understanding in management without needing to develop additional collaborative research strategies.

Boundary spanners; epistemology; learning theory; practice-based studies; social learning theory

Management Learning: Volume 44, Issue 2

Publication date30/04/2013
Publication date online02/05/2012

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Professor Linda Perriton

Professor Linda Perriton

Professor, Management, Work and Organisation