Death of a Salesman


Hastings G & Moodie C (2015) Death of a Salesman. Tobacco Control, 24 (Supplement 2), pp. ii1-ii2.

First paragraph: In December 2012 Australia became the first jurisdiction to mandate plain (or standardised) packaging for tobacco products. Many governments have been looking on with interest, anxious to learn if this is also the next step forward in their own efforts to tackle the harms caused by tobacco. This special issue begins to answer this question by presenting a series of studies which provide an initial evaluation of the policy. What have been the early impacts of plain packaging on young people and adult smokers? And are there any unintended consequences—has it reduced prices, for instance, or encouraged illicit tobacco use?

Tobacco Control: Volume 24, Issue Supplement 2

Publication date30/04/2015
Date accepted by journal10/06/2015
PublisherBMJ Publishing