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Unpacking the Debate on Climate Justice and Equity (Part II): REDD+

Savaresi A (2015) Unpacking the Debate on Climate Justice and Equity (Part II): REDD+. BENELEX Project Blog, 03.02.2015.

First paragraph: In addition to addressing equity questions raised by climate change impacts (BENELEX blogpost: Unpacking the Debate on Climate Justice and Equity, Part I), the burgeoning debate on climate justice has focused on how to temper the effects of climate change response measures on the vulnerable. The most significant developments have so far occurred in connection withREDD+and featured prominently at the 2014 Lima Climate Conference. While no progress with negotiations on REDD-related items on the conference’s agenda was made, numerous side-events showcased early experiences with devising and implementing REDD+ benefit-sharing arrangements. This blogpost reviews evidence emerging from these experiences, reflecting on the equity implications of REDD+ negotiations in 2015.

Author(s)Savaresi, Annalisa
Publication date03/02/2015
PublisherUniversity of Edinburgh
Publisher URL…ty-part-ii-redd/
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