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Electronic Cigarette Marketing: Current Research and Policy


Bauld L, Angus K, de Andrade M & Ford A (2016) Electronic Cigarette Marketing: Current Research and Policy. Cancer Research UK. Cancer Research UK.

This report outlines results from three separate but connected pieces of research. First, a review of the current e-cigarette market drawing on available data from market analysis, the trade press and other published sources. Secondly, a systematic rapid review of the e-cigarette marketing literature published in peer reviewed journals between 2011 and 2016, updating our previous work in this area. Finally, a description of the past and current regulatory framework for e-cigarette marketing in the UK, drawing on semi-structured interviews with key professionals working in the field and relevant documentary sources.

electronic cigarettes; e-cigarettes; business; market; advertising; promotion; sponsorship; marketing; regulation; policy; tobacco; industry; health; smoking cessation; document analysis; rapid review; interviews; academic literature

FundersCancer Research UK
Publication date31/10/2016
Publication date online10/2016
PublisherCancer Research UK
Publisher URL…report_final.pdf

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