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Peer Review in Practice



Butchard D, Rowberry S, Squires C & Tasker G (2016) Peer Review in Practice. University of Stirling.

The report considers the diverse range of practices that constitute peer review in both publishing and institutional structures, examining the history of peer review, and evaluating how innovative alternative models aim to resolve pressures on the current system. It does so with a particular focus on peer review in the Arts and Humanities (in connection with the AHRC Academic Book of the Future project), while looking at wider disciplinary and publishing considerations. Peer review is an expansive topic, and our research has revealed a number of fruitful avenues for future evaluation which we have not been able to cover in detail here. These include the selection and crediting of reviewers, the role of peer review in creative practice, the advent of paid review platforms, and the use of metrics as an alternative means of quantifying research value and impact. In particular, our discussion of peer review for publications emphasises practice in scholarly journals, as that is largely where discussion in scholarly and other literature focuses. However, further primary investigation might consider equivalent issues in the field of monograph publishing.

peer review; scholarly publishing; monograph publishing; journal publishing; monographs

FundersUniversity College London and University of Glasgow
Publication date30/09/2016
Publication date online09/2016
PublisherUniversity of Stirling
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Dr Simon Rowberry

Dr Simon Rowberry

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