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The Paris Agreement: Reflections on an International Law Odyssey



Savaresi A (2017) The Paris Agreement: Reflections on an International Law Odyssey. In: Binder C, d’Argent P & Pazartzis P (eds.) 12th Annual ESIL Conference - Riga, 8-10 September 2016: 'How International Law Works in Times of Crisis?'. ESIL Conference Paper Series, 13. 2016 ESIL Annual Conference, Riga, Latvia, 08.09.2016-10.09.2016. Florence, Italy: ESIL, p. 14/2016.

This paper discusses how international law has responded to climate change, focusing on challenges that have faced the implementation of existing climate treaties, and on the suitability of the Paris Agreement to address these. The paper specifically reflects on international law- making and on the approach to international governance embedded in the Paris Agreement, drawing inferences from the past of the regime, to make predictions on what the future of international climate change law may hold.

climate change; international law; Paris Agreement; law-making; climate governance.

Title of seriesESIL Conference Paper Series
Number in series13
Publication date31/01/2017
Publication date online30/09/2016
Publisher URL
Place of publicationFlorence, Italy
Conference2016 ESIL Annual Conference
Conference locationRiga, Latvia

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