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Edited Book

Women ageing: changing identities, challenging myths

Bernard M, Phillips J, Machin L & Harding-Davies V (eds.) (2000) Women ageing: changing identities, challenging myths. New York: Routledge.

Women Ageing provides a better understanding of what ageing is like for women and challenges the myths which have grown up around the ageing process. Blending the scholarly, the personal and the political, it reveals the range of strategies and identities women adopt to manage the transitions of the second half of the life course. In doing so it uncovers not only the commonalities and the similarities between mid-life and older women, but also some of the variation and diversity relating to ethnicity and race, class, disability and sexual orientation.  Women Ageing makes the ordinary lives of ordinary women as, in this instance, they grow older, more visible. Its findings have important implications for policy and practice. All those studying or working with older people, will find it an illuminating text.

Women's Health Services

EditorProfessor Judith Phillips
Publication date31/12/2000
Publisher URL…ok/9780415189446
Place of publicationNew York
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