An integrated retailer image and brand equity framework: Re-examining, extending, and restructuring retailer brand equity



Anselmsson J, Burt S & Tunca B (2017) An integrated retailer image and brand equity framework: Re-examining, extending, and restructuring retailer brand equity. Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services, 38, pp. 194-203.

Retailers are amongst the world's strongest brands, but little is known about retailer brand equity. In spite of their extensive use, we argue that current operational models are too abstract for understanding the uniqueness of the retail industry and too simplistic to understand the interrelationships among the dimensions in the retailer brand equity building process. This study contributes to the existing and largely generic retailer equity frameworks in three ways: first, by incorporating retail specific dimensions from the retailer image literature; second, by re-examining and developing the structures and relationships between the dimensions of retailer equity by testing alternative structures commonly used in the more general brand equity literature; and finally by creating a short and parsimonious scale for assessing retailer brandequity in different contexts. Three alternative models are compared and tested on six brands in both convenience and shopping goods categories, ranging from discount to middle range price levels. The outcome is an operational framework supporting the main building blocks of the conceptual brand resonance model presented in Keller (2001) with seven dimensions structured in a four-step sequence as awareness → pricing policy, customer service, product quality, physical store → retailer trust → retailer loyalty, thereby describing retailer brand equity as a four-step process. The extended, although parsimonious, 17-item retailer equity scale can be used by academics as well as practitioners to examine the underlying values of retailer brands and has the potential to incorporate additional dimensions and attributes to investigate specific retail contexts without creating lengthy questionnaires.

Retailer image; Store image; Brand equity; Retailer equity; Retailer trust

Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services: Volume 38

Publication date30/09/2017
Publication date online20/06/2017
Date accepted by journal14/06/2017

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Professor Steve Burt

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