Book Chapter

Creating Powerful Brands


Purves R (2017) Creating Powerful Brands. In: Lyons A, McCreanor T, Goodwin I & Moewaka BH (eds.) Youth Drinking Cultures in a Digital World: Alcohol, Social Media and Cultures of Intoxication. Routledge Studies in Public Health. Abingdon, Oxon: Routledge, pp. 14-163.;

Social media has helped boost the culture of intoxication, a central aspect of young people's social lives in many Western countries. Initial research suggests that these technologies enable highly nuanced, targeted marketing and innovations - creating new virtual spaces that alter the dynamics and consequences of drinking cultures in signifi cant ways. Youth Drinking Cultures in a Digital World focuses on how pervasive social networking technologies contribute to drinking cultures. It brings together international contributions from leading researchers in this emerging fi eld to explore how new technologies are reconfi guring the key themes, traditional interests, practices and concerns of alcohol-related research with young people. It is particularly concerned with three important areas, namely: • identities, social relations and power • alcohol marketing and commercialisation • public health and regulating alcohol promotion. This innovative book includes original research and commentary and is a must- read for academics and researchers in the areas of public health, psychology, sociology, media studies, youth studies and alcohol studies.

Alcohol; social media; young people; drinking culture; alcohol marketing

FundersAlcohol Research UK
Title of seriesRoutledge Studies in Public Health
Publication date28/02/2017
Publisher URL…ok/9781138959040
Place of publicationAbingdon, Oxon