Pharmacy customers' views and experiences of using pharmacies which provide drug misuse services



Lawrie T, Matheson C, Bond CM & Roberts K (2004) Pharmacy customers' views and experiences of using pharmacies which provide drug misuse services. Drug and Alcohol Review, 23 (2), pp. 195-202.

This study aimed to determine whether pharmacy customers are deterred from using a pharmacy that offers services to drug misusers. If patients are deterred, what are their specific concerns? The study was qualitative and three different groups were interviewed about their views on pharmacies providing services to drug misusers (i) pharmacy customers, (ii) local community councils and (iii) local drug forums. This paper focuses on pharmacy customer interview results. Interviews were conducted in 10 pharmacies, five in Aberdeen and five in Glasgow, both areas of high drug misuse. The pharmacy customers were attending pharmacies with high, medium and low involvement with drug misusers and were located in city centre, suburban and rural locations. Pharmacy customers were generally supportive of pharmacies offering services to drug misusers. However, their support was often qualified by a wish to see a private area provided for methadone consumption. Pharmacy customers were more knowledgeable of the rationale for and supportive of needle exchange services compared to methadone maintenance and supervised consumption. The results of the study demonstrate that the majority of pharmacy customers are supportive of drug misuse services, provided there is adequate privacy in the pharmacy. These results should be used to encourage more pharmacists to provide drug misuse services.

methadone; needle exchange; pharmacy drug misuse services

Drug and Alcohol Review: Volume 23, Issue 2

Publication date30/06/2004
Date accepted by journal21/08/2003

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Professor Catriona Matheson

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